Activity that I would want to do at beach

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Activity that I would want to do at beach

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Beach is a beautiful gift by nature. I have never been to a beach but I have always been fascinated by the idea of visiting one. I would want to go to Goa with my family / Friends and enjoy the beaches there. At the beach I would want to relax by lying down on an easy chair sipping some coconut water.

Also o would want to try my hands on building a sand castle with my friends/brother/sister. Since I am adventurous by nature, I would want to indulge in some adventure sports. I would want to do water skiing and Para-sailing. The world under the water fascinates me, therefore, I would want to go deep sea diving and explore the beautiful world underneath the water. I am a foodie so I would definitely want try the cuisines of the area and the sea food available there. Last but not least, I would want to go shopping and buy some souvenirs for my friends and relatives.

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