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Favorite Advertisement

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Advertisements create awareness in people about products and services available in market. We come across difference types of advertisement in our day to day life. My favorite advertisement is of Cadbury’s dairy milk. I saw this advertisement for the first time on television.The advertisement features Mr. Amitabh Bachan.

In this ad Amitabh Bachan is shown as a chocolate grocer operating his shop close to a college.Suddenly there was an influx of college students to the shop asking for dairy milk. The reason for celebration was pappu pass ho geya a middle age boy had finally succeed in passing his college exam after numerous attempts. The ad brings a smile to my face. I like this ad because it beautifully captures the emotions of togetherness of individual enjoyment. I could connect with this ad because of its punch line “kuch meetha ho jaye”. The punch line draws line from traditional Indian custom of eating something sweet to celebrate any moment of happiness. This ad teaches us to celebrate happiness in both small and big things in life.

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