My favorite Animal Ielts Cue Card

My favorite Animal  Ielts Cue Card

 favorite Animal ielts cue card

Animals are beautiful into of god on earth, who can see, smell, think and communicate with each other. They are categorized into different families’ reptiles, mammals and insects. There are so many animals which we can see in daily like cat, dog, cow and rat. However there are wild animals which we can see only in forest or zoo examples elephant, lion, deer etc. Here I would I like to speak about my favorite wild animal that is Tiger.

First time I saw the tiger in a zoo. It seems very beautiful, bold and dynamic to me.  Tiger is the national animal of India. It has a muscular body. It belongs to the cat’s family. It’s a large and huge cat. It has a golden skin with black color strips. It’s a very dangerous animal. It runs very fast about 70 km/h. Now a day’s hunters are hunting the tigers for their skin. Tiger poaching is banned across the world. Government needs to take appropriate steps to save the tigers otherwise they will become extinct.

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