Rules I did not like in school Ielts cue card Topic

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Rules I did not like in school Ielts cue card Topic

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Schools is a temple of knoweldge. It  not only educates us but also grooms us to be good human beings.There are several rules and regulations in school and they are essential in order to maintain discipline. However  there was one rule in school which I not like . After school was over all students were suppose to leave the school premises in a line. If anyone was found  breaking the line or talking they were either severely punished of fined.

I did not approve of this rule because after the school hours were over it was time to relax and discuss various issues with friends. Moreover  some students had their siblings studying in another class and due to this rule they could not meet each other. Therefore, I believe binding students by such a rule was not fair. However today when I think of this rule I realize that maybe students were made to abide by this rule in order to ensure that no one misses the bus or is left alone at school after the school hours are over.

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