Sports Event you have attended

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Sports Event you have attended

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Sports help us to keep healthy and fit. Also, they are a source of enjoyment. The sports event I have attended was the sports day of my school. Sports day was usually held in the month of oct every year. The school o premises used to look spectacular on this day. The entire school was decorated with flags. The tracks were neatly labeled with chalk powder. There were separate booths for parents and students of different houses. Also there were stalls for eatables in one corner.

There was excitement in the air.Once all the guest of honor declared the sports meet open. The events started with the opening march past. Track like 100m, 200m, relay etc were held first followed by field events like shot put, long jump, high jump etc. There were some games for parents as well. There was commentary going on as well for all the events. There was constant cheer and applause from the spectators to motivate the athletes. After all the events were over there was a prize distribution ceremony for the winners. The day ended the closing march past. This day was memorable for me because I won the first prize for 100m race. Sports day taught us a number of things like team spirit, sportsmanship, self-discipline and self-confidence.

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