USA Questions

USA F1 Visa Interview Questions

  1. What is Your Name?
  2. What are you doing presently?
  3. What is your academic background?
  4. Have you ever been to USA?
  5. Have you ever applied to any foreign country for any purpose?
  6. Why USA?
  7. What is the purpose of your trip to USA?
  8. Why have not you decided to continue your study in your country?
  9. Which University have you selected for yourself?
  10. How did you find this University?
  11. Can you tell me some details about your University?
  12. Whom will you contact there?
  13. Have you made any travelling arrangements?
  14. What course are you going for?
  15. What do you know about chosen program?
  16. How your chosen program will be beneficial for you in future?
  17. Where would you stay there ON campus or OFF campus?
  18. Do you have any relative there?
  19. Have you paid your tution  fee to the University?
  20. How will you pay the tution fee?
  21. Would you prefer to stay in USA after completing in your studies or you will come back to your country?
  22. Have you appear for TOFEL or IELTS?
  23. Who is sponsoring you?
  24. How many University have you applied?
  25. Did you get any scholarship?
  26. Did you get any loan?
  27. How many brother and sister do you have?
  28. Why are you leaving your job?(If Working)
  29. What will you do if your visa rejected?
  30. What are your career goals?
  31. How will you support your Education?
  32. What is your Father and what is this Annual Income?
  33. How much amount is deposited in your parent’s account?
  34. Tell me some Professor name?
  35. When have you applied for the admission and how?

Some More Details:

  1. Course Duration
  2. I-20 Issued Date
  3. Tution & Fee
  4. Living Expensive
  5. Other
  6. Total Expensive
  7. Classes Commence on
  8. Classes end on

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